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PNP Tube - Gay Party and Play Hub

PNP Tube is the first and largest completely free porn tube site designed from it’s inception to cater specifically to the massive underground Gay PNP community -a subculture which had traditionally been chased off of platforms citing some sort of “moral high ground” sort of reasoning. This is a judgement free site where you can find all the content you crave in one convenient location without having to waste hours jumping from site in order to get it in piecemeal. Users can also upload their own videos blowing clouds, slamming, smoking, you name it without fear of being banned, censored, or otherwise discouraged or shamed. - the Straight version of PNP Tube

Following the landside success of PNP Tube, there came a flood of requests from my heterosexual party people wanting the same sort of site, but for their tribe. After a while, and innumerable appeals to me via twitter, NewTumbl, BDSMLR, Contact form and email, I simply could no longer stagnate in my laziness and allow that to continue. and thus - was born - and thus far it has been an enormous success.

Gay PNP Porn --------- Straight PNP Porn
These are the sites that were so desparately needed by such an enormous undergourd community, but most other webmasters simply do not have the moxie to build and maintain. Similar types of domains have been registered before, but according to The Wayback Machine, NOTHING EVER BECAME OF THEM they were simply registered, left dormant and allowed to expire - the desire was present, the courage was not. I personally built PNP Tube for the fisrt time in 2015, and have been the sole owner and operator of it since. There have been no negative repercussions.